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Coconut milk contains coconut oil and so has the health benefits of coconut oil. Coconut milk is used for making a variety of Thai dishes such as green curry, chicken curry (gang gai), chicken in coconut soup (gai tom kha), steamed curry fish (haw moak).

Coconut milk is also great for making a variety of dessert dishes such as mango on sticky rice (Kow Neuw Mamuang), mung bean pudding (Loog Choob), and tapioca pudding with young coconut (Saku Peiak Maprow On).

As with coconut oil, coconut milk is full of antioxidants that are good for the health and that also prevent the food substance from going rancid. Thus a tin of coconut milk can be kept in a cupboard for months before it is used. Below are a few the more popular coconut milks available on Coconut milk is becoming more popular and can also now often be found in good supermarkets as well as some health food stores.

Thai Kitchen Pure Coconut Milk is made from the first pressing of ripe coconuts. It is an entirely natural coconut milk with preservatives or chemicals added. Made in Thailand and perfect for Thai cuisine.

  • Excellent diary product substitute
  • Ideal for making curries and soups
  • Can be used to make nutritious drinks and cocktails


This coconut oil has garnered 21 reviews on Amazon. 12 are 5 star reviews and 6 are 1 star reviews.

On the positive side people praise the delicious taste of this coconut milk and also Thai Kitchen for the consistent quality of their coconut milk.

On the negative side some people complain that the taste is watery and toned down (maybe made for a foreign market). One reviewer notes that real coconut milk contains solids. This reviewer recommends Chaokoh as better brand of coconut milk. As with so much connected to food its a matter of taste!

Thai Kitchen unsweetened coconut milk is sold in a 12 pack. Each can contains 14 ounces of coconut milk. It costs about $23. The coconuts for this product are hand picked at the peak of ripeness. The milk is from the first pressing of fresh, ripe organic coconut meat. It is advertised as being 95% organic. No chemicals or preservatives are used in making this coconut milk. It does, however, contain guar gum as an emulsifier. The fact that this Thai Kitchen coconut milk is promoted as unsweetened leads to the assumption that while other Thai Kitchen coconut milk products may be free of preservatives etc. they do have extra sugar added.

  • Suitable as a substitute for dairy products
  • Suitable for cooking including making desserts and drinks


Reviews of this product were both less forthcoming and less flattering than the product above. Out of 6 reviews only was a 5 star review. 2 people gave the coconut milk 4 stars and 2 people gave the milk 1 star.

The main complaint is that the coconut milk is too thin and weak tasting. It is claimed that real coconut milk should be more of the consistency of cream. Another complaint was that it contained guar gum as an emulsifier which is illegal in some states.

One reviewer reacted to the complaint above about the coconut milk not being thick by pointing out that it depends on the temperature where the can is kept. Because coconut milk contains coconut oil it becomes thinner with heat.

Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk is made from organically grown Thai coconuts. It is made from the oil rich first pressing of the coconut meat. This is a certified organic product that contains only coconut milk, filtered water and a small amount of guar gum. It comes in a pack of 12 cans which is great value at $25. The cans contain 13.5 ounces each.

  • Suitable as a substitute for diary products
  • Great for Thai, Indonesian and Caribbean cuisine


Native Forest organic coconut oil has received 13 Amazon reviews, 8 of which have been 5 star.

People commented about the good price, the creamy taste and the thickness. Also customers were happy that the can didnt contain a BPA lining. Reviewers also mentioned that the cans were not dented. The issue of dented cans of food is one that sometimes pops up on reviews of all coconut milk products.

A number of people think Native Forest make the best tasting coconut oil.

Chaokah is a Thai company that makes coconut oil. It is a very popular brand in Thailand and will give any Thai dish an authentic taste. This brand does not provide organic certification for their coconut milk. The website for the company claims that their factory in Koh Samui is regularly inspected by Thai and foreign organizations. Chaokoh Coconut Oil costs $16 for a pack of 8 cans.


Both reviews on Amazon complain about receiving dented cans.

Website for Chaokoh TCC
Reviews of Chaokah Chaokoh Coconut Milk on Amazon

Roland Organic Coconut Milk is one of the most popular brands of coconut milk on the market. It is made from the first pressing of organic coconuts. It contains coconut milk, water and a small amount of guar gum. It is sold in 24 packs for about $64. Each can contains 14 ounces of coconut milk.

  • Suitable for cooking
  • Great for smoothies
  • Suitable alternative to diary products
  • Great for making icecream


Roland Organic Coconut Milk has received an amazing 43 customer reviews on Amazon. 20 reviews are 5 star and 14 are 4 star. Out of all these reviews only 4 people give the product a single star.

Reviewers mention that it is the best coconut milk on the market and that it has a great taste. It is good for making drinks and as an alternative to cream or milk. This coconut milk is great for a low-carb, diary free diabetic diet.

Comments mention that this coconut milk is free of preservatives but that the labeling on the can could be better theres no expiration date (maybe because coconut milk can last for years in a can).

Guar gum is a natural product and it is used to keep the consistency of coconut milks. Nearly all canned coconut milks contain this ingredient.

One interesting review mentioned that this coconut milk helped with period pains and gallbladder problems.