Benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Keeping your pet healthy: coconut oil for dogs

This website seeks not only to explain the benefits of coconut oil for humans but also for pets. If you regularly take coconut oil as a health supplement and are impressed with the results it is very likely that you will be interested in sharing these benefits with your dog. There are several health benefits of coconut oil for dogs.

Coconut oil has a very good record for helping dogs with a number of problems. Coconut oil is delicious for dogs and it is a natural medicine. The only possible negative side effect of giving dogs coconut oil in their food is that the stools can become loose and greasy. This is because the coconut oil has been added too rapidly to the dog’s diet. It is recommended that you start with half a tablespoon of coconut oil a day for every 20 pounds that the dog weighs. Over time the dosage should be increased to one or two teaspoons a day for each 20 pounds of weight. You can add the coconut oil for dogs either to the dog food or feed it directly to the dog. Another possibility is to feed the dog Cocotherapys coconut chips as a food supplement.

Health Benefits of Coconut oil for Dogs

Coconut oil in the diet of dogs helps to keep the fur shiny and healthy looking. It is also possible to slowly massage coconut oil into the fur. The coconut oil moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy. Also coconut oil is a great moisturizer for cracked paws.

Coconut oil helps to deodorize dogs. Both in the fur and in the diet of a dog the coconut oil helps to reduce doggy smells and is a good alternative to constant shampooing.

Coconut oil in the diet has been shown to have a strong correlation with increased thyroid activity in humans and the same is true for canines. Coconut oil as a health supplement for dogs helps to improve the immunity system of the animal and protect against cancer and other serious diseases.

Also coconut oil contains lauric acid that becomes monolaurin in the human and canine body that is an antimicrobial agent that protects the dog from viral infections. Living with humans can subject canines to new viral attacks that they are unable to repel. Coconut oil helps to give the animal better protection in such cases.

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are readily metabolized by dogs the same as humans. To help dogs lose weight it is a good idea to include a small amount of coconut oil in the dog food. It helps them burn off excess body weight.

Often it is the case that dogs hunt out garbage and other unhealthy foods. Their digestive system needs to detox from this poor quality food. Coconut oil for dogs helps with this process of detoxing. Caution should be taken to not attempt a rapid detoxing of the dog as it can cause a shock to the dog’s system.

Coconut oil has been found beneficial by many dog owners to treat ear infections, yeast infections and to settle the stomach.

Another use of coconut oil for canines is as toothpaste. Dogs love the taste of the oil and it helps to kill bad bacteria in the mouth and make the breath smell better.

Coconut Oil for dogs is cheap, natural and effective

Coconut oil is healthy for dogs. They love the taste of the oil. It can be added to food or given separately. It is important, as with people, to give your dog the best – that means organic virgin coconut oil not RBD coconut oil that is bleached, deodorized and contains impurities. The great thing about using coconut oil for keeping your dog healthy is that it is cheaper and better for the dog than many dog supplements currently on the market.