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Coconuts in Thailand

Coconuts in Thailand: more than just an adornment for a beach The coconut is one of the symbols of Thailand. People often think of tall coconut trees on the fringe of white sand beaches when they imagine Thailand. This idyllic … Continue reading

Coconut Milk vs. Cows Milk

Whats in coconut milk? When comparing the relative merits of food products it is sometimes helpful to know exactly what is in each product. Most countries make it the law that food companies stipulate the ingredients of their products to … Continue reading

Coconut Milk Health Benefits

Types of Coconut Milk Coconut milk is made from the meat of the mature coconut. There are two basic types of coconut milk: thick and thin. Thick coconut milk is the first liquid that is taken by squeezing coconut meat … Continue reading

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut palms take about 5 years to mature and then they produce fruit. Although it is called a coconut the fruit is actually a drupe not a nut. It is the largest seed in the plant kingdom. Young coconuts contain … Continue reading

Benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Keeping your pet healthy: coconut oil for dogs This website seeks not only to explain the benefits of coconut oil for humans but also for pets. If you regularly take coconut oil as a health supplement and are impressed with … Continue reading

Buy Coconut Water

Healthy Coconut Water There are a number of health benefits to drinking coconut water. Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts. Over time the coconut water inside a coconut solidifies into the meat of the coconut. Coconut water … Continue reading


There is a growing body of scientific research that conclusively points to the fact that coconut oil and coconut milk is healthy for humans. Despite widely held misapprehensions about coconut oil being a saturated fat, more and more people are … Continue reading

Coconut Oil and Metabolism

Metabolism is the battle ground Metabolism is in many ways the battle ground for the debate that goes on about which type of fat is best to use in the diet. A closer look at how the body responds to … Continue reading