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Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut palms take about 5 years to mature and then they produce fruit. Although it is called a coconut the fruit is actually a drupe not a nut. It is the largest seed in the plant kingdom. Young coconuts contain … Continue reading

Coconut Oil Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Drug companies have had little success developing drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Medivation and Pfizer’s new drug dimebon to combat Alzheimer’s disease was recently scrapped after Phase III results showed the drug didn’t have any impact on the disease. This … Continue reading

Benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Keeping your pet healthy: coconut oil for dogs This website seeks not only to explain the benefits of coconut oil for humans but also for pets. If you regularly take coconut oil as a health supplement and are impressed with … Continue reading

Coconut Pioneers: Mary Gertude Enig

Mary Enig iconoclast and champion of coconut oil Mary Gertrude Enig is one of the first establishment figures in America to challenge the orthodox view that saturated fats in a diet increase the risks of heart disease. Her research clearly … Continue reading